Team Caleb

Our Mission

Support Education

Team Caleb was created in support of our first efforts to bring awareness to Autism. While participating in the 2016 Autism Speaks Walk in Atlanta, GA my eyes were opened to many of the resources available for those working with family members and friends living with ASD. That experience is what inspired my foundation We Give A Hoot About Autism. 

About Us

Our mission is to provide financial support and guidance to those working and living with children that are in the spectrum of Autism. Our goal is to bring awareness and bridge that gap so children with ASD can attain the best educational opportunities. We have been taught to prepare our children for the world. But now we have to prepare the world for our children.

Your donations will go towards assisting families and educators with some of the financial challenges that Autism presents. Like assisting with therapy cost, classroom tools and workshops specializing in ASD. 

With your support lives can be changed. We want our children to become valuable assets to society and thrive in every learning environment!